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Biaxin (Clarithromycin)

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Biaxin is a medication of macrolide antibiotics group. Biaxin fights bacteria in the body. Biaxin is also used together with other medicines to treat stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori.

Other names for this medication:

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Also known as:  Clarithromycin.


Biaxin is used to treat many different types of bacterial infections affecting the skin and respiratory system. Biaxin is also used together with other medicines to treat stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori.

Biaxin fights bacteria in the body.

Biaxin is also known as Clarithromycin, Maclar, Klaricid, Klacid, Clarimac, Claribid.


Biaxin is available in tablets.

Take Biaxin orally.

Take Biaxin with full glass of water.

Take Biaxin with or without food.

Do not crush, chew, or break the Biaxin tablet. Swallow the pill whole.

Shake the Biaxin oral suspension well before measuring a dose. Measure the Biaxin oral suspension with a marked measuring spoon or medicine cup.

Take Biaxin for for 7 to 14 days.

The dosage and the kind of medication depend on the disease and its prescribed treatment.

Do not stop taking Biaxin suddenly.


If you overdose Biaxin and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately. Symptoms of Biaxin overdosage: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort.


Store at room temperature between 20 and 25 degrees C (68 and 77 degrees F) away from moisture and heat. Keep container tightly closed. Protect from light. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Biaxin are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Biaxin if you are allergic to its components or to clarithromycin or to similar medicines such as azithromycin (Zithromax), dirithromycin (Dynabac), erythromycin (E.E.S., E-Mycin, Ery-Tab, Erythrocin), troleandomycin (Tao).

Do not take Biaxin if you're pregnant or you plan to have a baby, or you are a nursing mother.

Do not take Biaxin if you take astemizole (Hismanal), cisapride (Propulsid), ergot medicine such as ergotamine (Ergomar, Ergostat, Cafergot, Ercaf, Wigraine), or dihydroergotamine (D.H.E. 45, Migranal Nasal Spray), pimozide (Orap), terfenadine (Seldane).

Do not take Biaxin if you have liver disease, kidney disease, myasthenia gravis, porphyria; personal or family history of "Long QT syndrome".

Try to be careful with Biaxin usage in case you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement.

Avoid consuming alcohol.

It can be dangerous to stop Biaxin taking suddenly.

biaxin generic price

Although many combination therapies have been proposed, there is still interest in identifying simple, inexpensive, effective protocols that have high rates of success.

biaxin pediatric dosing

The mitochondrial rRNA of the tapeworm species Echinococcus multilocularis carries an adenine at sequence position 2058 (numbering according to that for Escherichia coli) of the large-subunit rRNA (lsrRNA), while the nucleus-encoded rRNA, as determined in this study, is characterized by 2058G. This indicates a dichotomy in the drug susceptibilities of ribosomes: cytoplasmic ribosomes are predicted to be resistant to macrolide antibiotics, while mitochondrial ribosomes lack the most common chromosomal resistance determinant, lsrRNA 2058G. Upon incubation with the macrolide clarithromycin, the formation of vesicles from metacestode tissue was reduced in a dose-dependent manner. Electron microscopy revealed distinct morphological alterations both of the mitochondria and of the vesicle wall (e.g., loss of microtriches) in drug-treated vesicles. Adult worms lost their motility and displayed morphological changes (shortening and constriction of proglottids and the presence of vacuoles) upon incubation with clarithromycin. Our findings demonstrate that macrolides have distinct in vitro effects on E. multilocularis, endorsing the use of sequence-based in silico approaches for exploitation of available ribosomal drugs as anthelmintic agents.

biaxin medication interactions

The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of Helicobacter pylori infection on gastric leptin expression to investigate the pathophysiological role of gastric leptin.

biaxin 250 brand

Pulmonary edema is usually bilateral, but unilateral lobar pulmonary edema can also be encountered in clinical practice.

biaxin 800 mg

The scope of present paper is the meta-analysis of eradication studies performed in Hungary between 1993-2002.

biaxin generic

To compare the effectiveness of sequential therapy for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection with that of triple therapy of varying durations.

biaxin pill

As standard triple therapies of achieve unsatisfactory eradication of Helicobacter pylori, several alternative regimens have been proposed.

biaxin alcohol

Retrospective chart review, susceptibility testing, molecular fingerprinting, and DNA sequence analyses of resistant MAC isolates.

biaxin usual dosage

On the intention-to-treat basis, eradication rates were 66% (46 out of 70) and 84% (58 out of 69) for the 5- and 7-day regimens, respectively (P < 0.05). Using per protocol analysis, eradication rates were 70% (46 out of 66) and 91% (58 out of 64) for the 5- and 7-day regimens, respectively (P < 0.01). Adverse events, which were observed in 14 patients from each group, caused discontinuation of treatment in only two patients, resulting in excellent compliance.

biaxin pill images

After the first interim analysis, the study was stopped. M. avium complex infection developed in 19 of the 333 patients (6 percent) assigned to clarithromycin and in 53 of the 334 (16 percent) assigned to placebo (adjusted hazard ratio, 0.31; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.18 to 0.53; P<0.001). During the follow-up period of about 10 months, 32 percent of the patients in the clarithromycin group died and 41 percent of those in the placebo group died (hazard ratio, 0.75; P=0.026). In the clarithromycin group, isolates from 11 of the 19 patients with M. avium complex infection were resistant to clarithromycin. Prophylaxis with clarithromycin was associated with an increased incidence of taste perversion (11 percent in the clarithromycin group vs. 2 percent in the placebo group, P<0.001) and rectal disorders (8 percent vs. 3 percent, P = 0.007); however, the frequency of more severe adverse events was similar in the two groups (7 percent and 6 percent, respectively).

generic biaxin xl

Patterns of resistance were analysed in H. pylori isolates from 94 consecutive patients in whom H. pylori infection had persisted after two eradication attempts. Using the epsilometer test, susceptibility analysis was performed for amoxicillin, clarithromycin, metronidazole, tetracycline and levofloxacin. Patients were then treated with a culture-guided, third-line regimen: 89 patients with a 1-week quadruple regimen including omeprazole, bismuth, doxycycline and amoxicillin, and five patients with a 1-week triple regimen containing omeprazole, amoxicillin and levofloxacin or clarithromycin.

biaxin online

Over the last two decades, antimicrobial resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae has been detected at an increasing rate. There have been several reports of increasing rate of macrolide resistance among the penicillin-resistant S. pneumoniae strains. The rapid evolution of such resistance necessitated new antimicrobials, such as streptogramins, oxazolidinones and ketolides, against beta-lactam and macrolide resistant pneumococci. This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of macrolide resistance in pneumococci isolated in a Turkish University hospital and also to determine the activity of these newly developed agents against pneumococci. For that purpose a total of 264 pneumococci, isolated from clinical specimens, were tested for susceptibility against penicillin, erythromycin, clarithromycin, clindamycin, quinupristin/dalfopristin, linezolid and telithromycin by agar dilution method. Penicillin resistance and intermediate penicillin resistance was found in 7.6% and 40% of isolates respectively, while resistance rates of the tested isolates against erythromycin, clarithromycin and clindamycin were as 15.9%, 13.6% and 13.6%, respectively. Resistance to macrolides and clindamycin was higher among the penicillin-resistant isolates. No resistance was detected against quinupristin/dalfopristin, linezolid and telithromycin, except for four strains which had minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of intermediately susceptible category to quinupristin/dalfopristin. These data indicate the presence of an important percentage of macrolide resistant pneumococci in our hospital. It can also be concluded that streptogramins, oxazolidinones and ketolides may be used as good alternatives especially in case of infections due to macrolide resistant pneumococci.

biaxin storage

Bioequivalence between the Test and Reference formulation can be concluded.

biaxin suspension

Antrum-predominant gastritis is the most common pattern of gastritis seen in non-ulcer dyspepsia in Western populations. Heartburn and regurgitation improve after eradication therapy or placebo in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia; the development of oesophagitis is uncommon.

biaxin 250 mg

The occurrence of sixty pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs), twenty metabolites and eight personal care products (PCPs) in the aquatic environment in Spain and their predicted environmental concentrations (PECs) were calculated and compared with measured environmental concentrations (MECs) obtained from relevant published research. The occurrence in the aquatic environment was calculated through a mass balance approach considering the following: the number of pharmaceutical prescriptions issued, the amount of pharmaceutical discharged without consumption, consumption, self-medication, pharmacokinetics, treatment in wastewater facilities and discharged to aquatic environment. The estimation of consumption of active compounds of pharmaceuticals was conducted by at least one of the following methodologies: number of commercial packages sold, data for the number of defined daily dose per 1000 inhabitants per day (DHD), and pattern of treatment. Comparison of these methodologies for some compounds showed similar estimated consumption ranges. The highest pharmaceutical occurrence in the aquatic environment was for acetaminophen glucuronide, Galaxolide®, Iso-E-super®, acetaminophen, valsartan, amoxicillin, 2-hydroxy-ibuprofen, iopromide, omeprazole, carbamazepine 10, 11-epoxide, iopamidol, salicylic β-d-O-glucuronide acid, Tonalide®, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), clarithromycin and iohexol, with releases between 5 and 600 ty(-1). The relation of PEC/MEC was calculated for 58% of the compounds under study, and 64.7% of them had PEC/MEC ratios between 0.5 and 2. PEC values were mostly overestimated (57.4%). The predicted concentrations for pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) that had a high occurrence in the aquatic environment were very close to the measured concentrations. This research provides information that had not been calculated and analyzed previously, at least for Spain. Estimation of the PECs for pharmaceutical, personal care products and metabolites is a useful tool for identifying compounds that should be considered for environmental concern, and such estimations could be used to improve environmental risk assessment studies.

biaxin tablets

The DDI potential of five macrolide antibiotics was quantitatively predicted from in vitro studies using testosterone as the CYP3A substrate with HLM as the enzyme source.

biaxin alcohol effects

Pharmacokinetic interactions involving anti-infective drugs may be important in the intensive care unit (ICU). Although some interactions involve absorption or distribution, the most clinically relevant interactions during anti-infective treatment involve the elimination phase. Cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1A2, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6 and 3A4 are the major isoforms responsible for oxidative metabolism of drugs. Macrolides (especially troleandomycin and erythromycin versus CYP3A4), fluoroquinolones (especially enoxacin, ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin versus CYP1A2) and azole antifungals (especially fluconazole versus CYP2C9 and CYP2C19, and ketoconazole and itraconazole versus CYP3A4) are all inhibitors of CYP-mediated metabolism and may therefore be responsible for toxicity of other coadministered drugs by decreasing their clearance. On the other hand, rifampicin is a nonspecific inducer of CYP-mediated metabolism (especially of CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP3A4) and may therefore cause therapeutic failure of other coadministered drugs by increasing their clearance. Drugs frequently used in the ICU that are at risk of clinically relevant pharrmacokinetic interactions with anti-infective agents include some benzodiazepines (especially midazolam and triazolam), immunosuppressive agents (cyclosporin, tacrolimus), antiasthmatic agents (theophylline), opioid analgesics (alfentanil), anticonvulsants (phenytoin, carbamazepine), calcium antagonists (verapamil, nifedipine, felodipine) and anticoagulants (warfarin). Some lipophilic anti-infective agents inhibit (clarithromycin, itraconazole) or induce (rifampicin) the transmembrane transporter P-glycoprotein, which promotes excretion from renal tubular and intestinal cells. This results in a decrease or increase, respectively, in the clearance of P-glycoprotein substrates at the renal level and an increase or decrease, respectively, of their oral bioavailability at the intestinal level. Hydrophilic anti-infective agents are often eliminated unchanged by renal glomerular filtration and tubular secretion, and are therefore involved in competition for excretion. Beta-lactams are known to compete with other drugs for renal tubular secretion mediated by the organic anion transport system, but this is frequently not of major concern, given their wide therapeutic index. However, there is a risk of nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity with some cephalosporins and carbapenems. Therapeutic failure with these hydrophilic compounds may be due to haemodynamically active coadministered drugs, such as dopamine, dobutamine and furosemide, which increase their renal clearance by means of enhanced cardiac output and/or renal blood flow. Therefore, coadministration of some drugs should be avoided, or at least careful therapeutic drug monitoring should be performed when available. Monitoring may be especially helpful when there is some coexisting pathophysiological condition affecting drug disposition, for example malabsorption or marked instability of the systemic circulation or of renal or hepatic function.

biaxin dosage pediatric

Widespread use of eradication therapy for Helicobacter pylori has increased the prevalence of clarithromycin-resistant strains. The purpose of the present paper was to measure the in vitro antibacterial activity of minocycline against H. pylori, and study the effectiveness of minocycline-based first- and second-line eradication therapies.

biaxin liquid dosage

Mycobacterium abscessus is ubiquitously found rapidly growing mycobacteria. Although it is an uncommon pathogen, it has been known to cause cutaneous infection following inoculation, minor trauma or surgery. This communication reports an immuno-competent patient developing multiple sinuses due to Mycobacterium abscessus in the post- operative period.

biaxin 100 mg

The postantibiotic effect (PAE) of clarithromycin alone and in combination with ethambutol was determined for two clinical blood isolates of Mycobacterium avium complex. An average PAE, ranging from 5.5 to 18.0 h, was noted for each isolate at each clarithromycin concentration except when isolate B was exposed to clarithromycin at the MIC. The addition of ethambutol did not enhance the PAE observed with clarithromycin alone. The clinical implications of the PAE of clarithromycin for M. avium complex remain to be determined.

biaxin normal dosage

Drug-related adverse event rates associated with oral moxifloxacin or the comparator therapy used in these studies did not significantly increase with advancing age. This pooled analysis suggests that oral moxifloxacin can be safely used in elderly patients with characteristics consistent with those enrolled into the clinical trials.

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biaxin user reviews 2016-08-11

To examine influence of duodenal buy biaxin ulcer (DU) on quality of life (QL) and changes in QL after different DU treatments.

biaxin missed dose 2017-06-23

A total of 1019 HIV-infected patients with CD4+ cell counts less than 0 buy biaxin .075 x 10(9)/L.

generic biaxin xl 2016-09-07

Macrolide antibiotics are widely used (in the order of 1g per person per year). They pass the body largely unchanged and are also not degraded in wastewater treatment plants. With not too much effort, they may be eliminated from their effluents by ozonation. The macrolide antibiotics have all a dimethylamino group at one of the carbohydrate residues in common. This functional group is the target of the ozone reaction, and clarithromycin has been selected here for a more detailed study. Since only the free buy biaxin amine reacts with ozone, the rate of reaction is pH dependent (at pH 7: k = 4 x 10(4) M(-1) s(-1)). In analogy to the ozonolysis of trimethylamine, the main reaction is a transfer of an O-atom yielding the N-oxide (identified by HPLC/MS-MS). A minor product (10%, based on formaldehyde yields) is demethylated clarithromycin (identified by HPLC/MS-MS). The dimethylamino group is thought to be essential for the binding of the macrolide antibiotics to their target. As a consequence, chemical changes of this functional group, notably the formation of the N-oxide that is no longer a proton acceptor, inactivates these drugs as assayed by the suppression of the growth of Pseudomonas putida. This is most important for wastewater treatment, as mineralization of clarithromycin by ozone would require 100 times as much ozone.

biaxin dose adults 2017-02-21

The rate of antibiotic resistance among H. pylori isolates in Lima, Peru, is higher than expected and presents cause buy biaxin for concern. To develop more targeted eradication therapies for H. pylori in Peru, more research is needed to better characterize antibiotic resistance among a larger number of clinical isolates prospectively.

biaxin pediatric dosing 2016-11-18

For the period 1997-2003, data on outpatient use of systemic MLS aggregated at the level of the buy biaxin active substance were collected and expressed in DDD (WHO, version 2004) per 1000 inhabitants per day (DID). Macrolide use was analysed in detail, using a classification based on their mean plasma elimination half-life.

biaxin reviews 2015-02-19

A matrix table was composed by stratifying two basic parameters of the prediction: the contribution ratio of CYP3A4 to the oral clearance of substrates (CR), and the inhibition ratio of inhibitors (IR). The total exposure increase was estimated for each cell in the table by associating CR and IR values, and the cells were categorized into nine zones according to the magnitude of the exposure increase. Then, correspondences between the DDI significance and the zones were determined for each drug group considering the observed exposure changes and the current classification in the product labelling. Substrate drugs of CYP3A4 selected from three therapeutic groups, i.e. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins), calcium-channel antagonists/blockers (CCBs) and benzodiazepines (BZPs), were analysed as representative examples. The buy biaxin product labelling descriptions of drugs in Japan, US and UK were obtained from the websites of each regulatory body.

biaxin overdose 2015-02-23

H. pylori eradication buy biaxin increases the plasma and tissue ghrelin levels in children with H. pylori-associated functional dyspepsia.

biaxin medication interactions 2016-04-06

In patients with acute gastritis, caused by an initial H. pylori infection, eradication therapy was efficacious in buy biaxin achieving early healing. This therapy should be started as soon as possible after disease onset.

biaxin dosage instructions 2015-04-25

Requirements for the antimicrobial activity of an antibiotic are: (1) binding of the drug to a specific site in the bacteria; (2) occupation of a critical number of binding sites; and (3) persistence at these binding sites for a sufficient time. With concentration-dependent antibiotics the ratio of the peak serum drug concentration to the MIC of a pathogen is the primary determinant of bacterial killing; with concentration-independent antibiotics it is the length of time serum concentration remains above the MIC, rather than the peak level. The pharmacokinetics of the new macrolides azithromycin and clarithromycin differ notably from those of buy biaxin conventional antibiotics in a more rapid and extensive distribution to body tissues. Because of these unique tissue pharmacokinetics, the pharmacodynamic models that apply to other classes of antibiotics may not explain the antimicrobial activity and clinical efficacy of azithromycin and clarithromycin.

biaxin drug classification 2016-04-03

This study probably suggests possibility of concurrent use of buy biaxin these antibiotics and plant extracts in treating infections caused by E. coli or at least the concomitant administration may not impair the antimicrobial activity of these antibiotics.

biaxin filmtab 2015-05-29

Success of first H. pylori eradication attempts in the literature is around 80-90% and based on urea breath test of 1027 patients in Hungary is 75%. Repeated buy biaxin eradication attempts are needed in 10-25% of cases. In the clinical practice in Hungary second and third eradication attempts were successful only in 36% and 20% of cases. To improve efficacy the following suggestions has to be kept in mind: 1. Do not repeat the same combination if the first attempt is failed. 2. After failure of the first PPI + amoxicillin + clarithromycin triple therapy, either the quadriple therapy (PPI + tetracycline + metronidazole + bismuth) or the replacement of PPI with ranitidine bismuth citrate in the triple therapy is suggested. 3. If PPI + amoxicillin + metronidazole/tinidazole therapy fails, the metronidazole/tinidazole can be replaced by clarythromycin. 4. Do not start with clarithromycin + metronidazole/tinidazole therapy. 5. In case of uncertain previous therapies and for third eradication treatment send the patient to specialist. Rifabutin-based combinations seem to be effective, but the use of them in general practice is not advised due to the possible development of mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance.

biaxin brand name 2017-02-23

Intention-to-treat and per-protocol eradication rates were 77.7% (68.4-85.3) and 83.3% (74.4-90.2). Five patients discontinued prematurely (4.8%). Eradication was achieved in 93.1% of poor/intermediate metabolizers and in 78.8% of homozygous extensive metabolizers (p = .14). Eradication rates in patients with one, two, three, and four or more previous failures were 78.3%, 89.6%, 68.6%, and buy biaxin 88.9%, respectively (p = .21). The regimen was effective in seven of nine patients who previously failed quadruple therapy. Post-treatment resistance to moxifloxacin and rifabutin was detected in two (12.5%) and five (31%) patients after treatment failure.

biaxin dosage forms 2015-08-17

In preparation of buy biaxin the approval of Helicobacter pylori therapy by the Japanese national health system, the board of directors of the Japanese Society for Helicobacter Research decided to prepare guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of H. pylori infection for physicians in routine medical practice.

biaxin 250 mg 2017-10-17

Plasma ghrelin levels were significantly lower in H. pylori-positive patients than in H. pylori buy biaxin -negative patients. In particular, plasma active ghrelin levels were significantly lower in patients with gastritis compared with patients with peptic ulcer. Plasma ghrelin levels decreased after H. pylori eradication in both peptic ulcer and gastritis patients, while plasma leptin levels increased only in peptic ulcer patients. Plasma leptin levels and BMI were positively correlated, and active ghrelin levels and atrophic pattern were weakly negatively correlated in peptic ulcer patients.

biaxin usual dosage 2016-12-21

Although the non-treated rats showed blood pressure decline and impaired cardiac function, early CAM treatment prevented this progression. Pathologically, severe myocardial cell infiltration (30.5+/-4.2%) and fibrosis (32.2+/-1.1%) were detected in the non-treated group, while early CAM treatment significantly suppressed these changes (infiltration 6.5+/-0.2%, fibrosis 5.9+/-3.9%). Zymography showed that non-treated EAM resulted in enhanced ventricular activities of MMP-9, while early CAM treatment Zoloft Overdose Level reduced the alteration. However, late CAM treatment was less effective than the early treatment.

biaxin dosing 2016-05-26

Helicobacter pylori eradication may positively influence glaucoma parameters, suggesting a possible causal link between H pylori and glaucoma. Drug Zanaflex

biaxin 1000 mg 2016-04-22

H. pylori eradication was confirmed in 49 of these patients; the eradication rate was 68% by per-protocol analysis and 63.6% by intention-to-treat analysis. The ulcers were completely healed in 61 patients (85%) at the second endoscopic examination. Drug compliance was excellent (97.3%) and Zanaflex Scheduled Drug there were no serious adverse events.

biaxin normal dosage 2017-09-11

Lansoprazole, amoxicillin plus levofloxacin second-line therapy is comparable with quadruple therapy in efficacy. Subjects, especially those with dual resistance to metronidazole and clarithromycin, may consider levofloxacin-based Famvir 250 Mg therapy for levofloxacin-sensitive strains.

biaxin 25 mg 2017-12-12

Our data confirm the reduction of duodenal ulcer relapses after the cure of Helicobacter pylori infection Imdur Tablets Uses .

biaxin 500mg tablets 2016-03-28

Several macrolides have been reported to cause QT prolongation and ventricular arrhythmias such as torsades de pointes. To clarify the underlying ionic mechanisms, we examined the effects of six macrolides on the human ether-a-go-go-related gene (HERG)-encoded potassium current stably expressed in human embryonic kidney-293 cells. All six drugs showed a concentration-dependent inhibition of the current with the following IC(50) values: clarithromycin, 32.9 microM; roxithromycin, 36.5 microM; erythromycin, 72.2 microM; josamycin, 102.4 microM; erythromycylamine, 273.9 microM; and oleandomycin, 339.6 microM. A metabolite of erythromycin, des-methyl erythromycin, was also found to inhibit HERG current with an IC(50) of 147.1 microM. These findings imply that the blockade of HERG may be a common feature of macrolides and may contribute to the QT prolongation observed clinically with some of these compounds. Mechanistic studies showed that inhibition of HERG current by clarithromycin did not require activation of the channel and was both voltage- and time-dependent. The blocking time course could be described by a first-order reaction between the drug and the channel. Both binding and unbinding processes appeared to Retrovir Generic Name speed up as the membrane was more depolarized, indicating that the drug-channel interaction may be affected by electrostatic responses.