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Ponstel (Mefenamic Acid)

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Ponstel is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Ponstel is used for treating menstrual pain. It may be used for short-term (not more than 7 days) treatment of mild to moderate pain. Ponstel blocks the effect of certain substances in the body that are associated with pain and inflammation.

Other names for this medication:

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Also known as:  Mefenamic Acid.


Ponstel is used for treating menstrual pain. It may be used for short term (not more than 7 days) treatment of mild to moderate pain.

Ponstel blocks certain substances in the body that are linked to inflammation. NSAIDs treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Ponstel is also known as Mefenamic acid, Ponstan.

Generic name of Ponstel is Mefenamic Acid.

Brand name of Ponstel is Ponstel.


Take Ponstel orally.

Take Ponstel with or without food.

Take Ponstel with a full glass of water.

If you want to achieve most effective results do not stop taking Ponstel suddenly.


If you overdose Ponstel and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Ponstel are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Ponstel if you are allergic to Ponstel components or to aspirin.

Do not take Ponstel if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding.

Do not take Ponstel if you have had a severe allergic reaction (e.g., severe rash, hives, trouble breathing, growths in the nose, dizziness) to aspirin or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) (e.g., ibuprofen, celecoxib).

Do not take Ponstel if you have had recent or will be having bypass heart surgery.

Do not take Ponstel if you have kidney problems.

Do not take Ponstel if you have ulcers or inflammation of the stomach or bowel.

Do not use Ponstel with aspirin.

Be careful with Ponstel when it is used by children younger than 14 years old and by elderly people.

Avoid machine driving.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

It can be dangerous to stop Ponstel taking suddenly.

ponstel s syrup

Menorrhagia affects the lives of many women. The assessment of menstrual flow is highly subjective and gauging the severity of the condition by objective assessment of menstrual blood loss is impractical. In treating menorrhagia, the primary aim should be to improve quality of life. Women are willing to undergo quite invasive treatment in order to achieve this. Drug therapy is the initial treatment of choice and the only option for those who wish to preserve their reproductive function. Despite the availability of a number of drugs, there is a general lack of an evidence-based approach, marked variation in practice and continuing uncertainty regarding the most appropriate therapy. Adverse effects and problems with compliance also undermine the success of medical treatment. This article reviews the available literature to compare the efficacy and tolerability of different medical treatments for menorrhagia. Tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid are among the most effective first-line drugs used to treat menorrhagia. Despite being used extensively in the past, oral luteal phase norethisterone is probably one of the least effective agents. Women requiring contraception have a choice of the combined oral contraceptive pill, levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) or long-acting progestogens. Danazol, gestrinone and gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues are all effective in terms of reducing menstrual blood loss but adverse effects and costs limit their long-term use. They have a role as second-line drugs for a short period of time in women awaiting surgery. While current evidence suggests that the LNG-IUS is an effective treatment, further evaluation, including long-term follow up, is awaited. Meanwhile, the quest continues for the ideal form of medical treatment for menorrhagia--one that is effective, affordable and acceptable.

ponstel 250 capsule

1001 consultation data sheets for menorrhagia were returned. There were significantly fewer referrals (20% v 29%; odds ratio 0. 64; 95% confidence interval 0.41 to 0.99) and a significantly higher use of tranexamic acid (odds ratio 2.38; 1.61 to 3.49) in the intervention group but no overall difference in norethisterone treatment compared with controls. There were more referrals when tranexamic acid was given with norethisterone than when it was given alone. Those practices reporting fewer than 10 cases showed the highest increase in prescribing of tranexamic acid.

ponstel drug interaction

To compare the analgesic efficacy of lignocaine gel-soaked Silastic bands compared with rectal diclofenac suppositories in patients undergoing interval laparoscopic sterilization under conscious sedation.

ponstel generic cost

Etomidate is characterized by minimal systemic cardiovascular effects, but its effect on the microvasculature has not been assessed. We compared the microvasculature of etomidate-anesthetized animals to that of animals anesthetized with pentobarbital, since its effects on the microvasculature are known. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were anesthetized with etomidate or pentobarbital. The cremaster muscle was prepared for microscopic viewing, leaving the neural and vascular supply intact. Small arterioles were near their maximal diameters in etomidate-anesthetized rats, whereas the pentobarbital group had a large dilator capacity (maximal diameter-basal diameter/basal diameter). The effect on resting arteriolar diameters of endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF) and prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors was tested. Dilator capacity was not affected by the EDRF inhibitor nitro-L-arginine, but it was significantly increased by mefenamic acid and ibuprofen in etomidate-anesthetized animals. To test whether dilator and constrictor mechanisms were normal, serotonin concentration-response curves were obtained in pentobarbital and etomidate-anesthetized animals with and without mefenamate or ibuprofen present. The dilation of small arterioles to serotonin in the etomidate groups with mefenamate or ibuprofen was not significantly different from that of the pentobarbital groups. Serotonin produced a comparable constriction of large arterioles in both anesthetic groups. The topical application of etomidate to the cremaster muscle did not affect arteriolar diameters. Thus, etomidate appears to trigger the release of dilator prostaglandins in striated muscle through a central or indirect mechanism.

ponstel suspension

Removal of six active pharmaceutical ingredients in wastewater was investigated using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) or peracetic acid (PAA) as chemical oxidants. Four non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac and mefenamic acid) and two lipid-regulating agents (gemfibrozil and clofibric acid, a metabolite of clofibrate) were used as target substances at 40 microg/L initial concentration. Three different wastewaters types originating from two wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) were used. One wastewater was collected after extended nitrogen removal in activated sludge, one after treatment with high-loaded activated sludge without nitrification, and one from the final effluent from the same plant where nitrogen removal was made in trickling filters for nitrification and moving-bed biofilm reactors for denitrification following the high-loaded plant. Of the six investigated compounds, only clofibric acid and ibuprofen were not removed when treated with ClO2 up to 20 mg/L. With increasing PAA dose up to 50 mg/L, significant removal of most of the pharmaceuticals was observed except for the wastewater with the highest chemical oxygen demand (COD). This indicates that chemical oxidation with ClO2 could be used for tertiary treatment at WWTPs for active pharmaceutical ingredients, whereas PAA was not sufficiently efficient.

ponstel dosage instructions

The author reports the first ever documented publication in the world concerning the use of botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) injection for status migrainosus. A 58-year old man had been suffering from migraine without aura for 20 years. This last attack (a very severe throbbing headache) started over the left side of his head and he had tried several medications (paracetamol, aspirin, ergotamine, mefenamic acid, and diazepam) during the attack to no vail. Physical examination revealed an acutely ill patient with an agonizing pain condition. General and neurological examinations were normal. BTX-A solution was then injected into the Fung Chou point (classical Chinese acupuncture point for migraine) in the total amount of 25 international unit. Dramatic response was observed within 1 hour of injection and status migrainosus was abort within 10 hours. He was headache-free and had no further attack of migraine for another 2 months.

ponstel 250 tablets

Randomised controlled trial.

ponstel medication information

This study modeled the impact on freshwater ecosystems of pharmaceuticals detected in biosolids following application on agricultural soils. The detected sulfonamides and hydrochlorothiazide displayed comparatively moderate retention in solid matrices and, therefore, higher transfer fractions from biosolids to the freshwater compartment. However, the residence times of these pharmaceuticals in freshwater were estimated to be short due to abiotic degradation processes. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory mefenamic acid had the highest environmental impact on aquatic ecosystems and warrants further investigation. The estimation of the solid-water partitioning coefficient was generally the most influential parameter of the probabilistic comparative impact assessment. These results and the modeling approach used in this study serve to prioritize pharmaceuticals in the research effort to assess the risks and the environmental impacts on aquatic biota of these emerging pollutants.

ponstel medication

The present study investigated the photolytic behavior and photodegradation products of mefenamic acid (MEF) under ultraviolet-C irradiation. The results demonstrated that the photodegradation of MEF followed pseudo-first-order kinetics and the direct photolysis quantum yield of mefenamic acid was observed to be 2.63 ± 0.28 × 10⁻³. Photodegradation of MEF included degradation by direct photolysis and by self-sensitization that the contribution rates of self-sensitized photodegradation were 5.70, 11.25 and 18.96 % for ·OH, ¹O₂ and O·₂⁻ , respectively. Primary transformation products of MEF were identified using ultra performance liquid chromatography and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer (UPLC-Q-TOF-MS). The identified transformation products suggested three possible pathways of MEF photodegradation: dehydrogenation, hydroxylation, and ketonized reactions. Toxicity of phototransformation products were evaluated using the Microtox test, which revealed that photodegradation likely provides a critical pathway for MEF toxicity reduction in drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

ponstel 250mg capsules

Heavy bleeding and pain are the most common reasons why women discontinue IUDs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, have been shown to be effective in reducing menstrual bleeding and pain in women without IUDs.

ponstel 250 mg

On the 1st postoperative day, group 1 patients had a significantly lower mean score in six out of eight pain-related symptoms than group 2 patients had (P<.05). At the 3rd postoperative day, significant differences remained for two symptoms. Group 1 patients were generally more satisfied with their pain treatment than were group 2 patients (P=.01). Increased risk of postoperative bleeding for group 1 was not observed in this study.

ponstel dosage

Menstrual disorders are a major reason for gynaecological consultations worldwide and, unfortunately there are many different definitions and classifications of this condition. Clear definitions and terminology are necessary for scientific literature, particularly for clinicians, and for clinical trials comparing two treatments. The International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) Menstrual Disorders Working Group has proposed abandoning the use of one common term, dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB), while continuing to use the terms abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) and heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). Furthermore, the group issued the PALM-COEIN classification system for menstrual disorders, which has quickly been adopted around the world. The PALM-COEIN system allows clinicians and researchers to identify and classify women with both AUB and HMB in a systematic manner, provides reliable information for research purposes and for epidemiological and prevalence studies in different settings, and supports accurate diagnoses and treatment. Additionally, this classification system is useful for selecting treatments appropriate for different stages of women's reproductive years and for different patterns of menstrual bleeding. Among the proposed treatments are the use of combined oral contraceptives, the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, tranexamic acid, mefenamic acid, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

ponstel buy

The analgesic effectiveness of aqueous and alcoholic formulations of lignocaine (5%) spray was compared with that of mefenamic acid (500 mg) or placebo in a double-blind study in 103 primiparous patients complaining of moderate or severe perineal pain associated with episiotomy. The results, assessed after a single dose, showed that the aqueous lignocaine formulation provided a level of pain relief superior to that obtained with the alcoholic formulation or placebo, and similar to that obtained with mefenamic acid.

ponstel user reviews

The major contribution of UGT1A9 towards arbidol glucuronidation was demonstrated in this study.

ponstel medication cost

Phase III, Single centre, open, randomised, comparative, parallel group study.

ponstel medicine

The paper provides clinical and experimental reasoning for application of a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) implying electrophoresis of an anti-inflammatory drug mefenamic acid from dimexide solution. Complete and partial responses registered in 125 patients, reached 75%. With the new method it is possible to relieve pain, correct immunity and stop inflammation. The best effect was shown in an inactive disease and in activity phases I and II in adjuvant use of the method.

ponstel syrup children

T. polium was as effective as mefenamic acid in decreasing the pain severity in primary dysmenorrhea.

ponstel dosage dysmenorrhea

The effects of mefenamic acid on the food-induced changes in intestinal carbohydrate metabolism were determined in an attempt to elucidate the mechanism(s) by which inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis enhances the postprandial increases in intestinal blood flow and oxygen consumption. The data show that when the luminal perfusate was changed from saline to a nutrient/bile solution, there was an increase in carbohydrate utilization, which was offset by absorption of glucose from the lumen. Intravenous administration of mefenamic acid significantly increased both carbohydrate absorption and metabolism when food was placed in the lumen. Changes in carbohydrate absorption and metabolism have been shown to play and important role in determining the magnitude of glucose induced changes in intestinal blood flow and oxygen consumption. Therefore, it is possible that the ability of mefenamic acid to enhance significantly the food-induced increases in blood flow and oxygen consumption may be due in part to its effects on intestinal carbohydrate absorption and utilization.

ponstel generic

A simple and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of ketoprofen and mefenamic acid in tablets has been developed. HPLC with UV detection (220 nm) was performed on an analytical column packed with molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) as the stationary phase. The MIPs are prepared by bulk polymerisation followed by crushing and sieving to the desired particle size. In this paper, we selected ketoprofen, methacrylic acid, and ethylene glycoldimethacrylate as template, functional monomer, and crosslinker in the presence of chloroform as the solvent. The retention times of mefenamic acid and ketoprofen were approximately 5 and 20 min, respectively. In order to compare the chromatographic data from the stationary phase, separation factors (alpha) were given. The values of alpha were 4.36 approximately 4.39 and showed that the MIPs were able to recognize structurally subtle differences from the template molecule. The limits of detection for ketoprofen and mefenamic acid were found to be 0.029 and 0.038 (g/L), while the limits of quantitation were 0.097 and 0.127 (g/L), respectively. Our results showed good accuracy, indicating that a ketoprofen-selective polymer was suitable for ketoprofen and mefenamic acid separations. Therefore, the MIPs are certainly applied to commercial tablet analysis.

ponstel capsule

The modernization and expansion of the health system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has led to the wide availability of drugs and with it a potential for their misuse.

ponstel drug interactions

The LDH-Mef material was characterized by a set of physicochemical techniques, which was supported by Density Functional Theory calculations. The pharmacological effects of LDH-Mef (40 wt% of drug) were evaluated by hemolytic, anti-inflammatory activity and antinociceptive assays.

ponstel generic name

The test product exhibited faster absorption (T(max) of 1.87 ± 0.482 vs. 2.14 ± 0.20 h; C(max) of 5.91 ± 0.604 vs. 3.58 ± 0.671 μg/ml) when compared to the reference. The relative bioavailability of the test compared to the reference capsule was 172%. Good correlations were established between the in vitro 90% dissolution (T90) and each of the AUC(0-12) and T(max), as well as between the percentage of drug released and plasma concentrations.

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ponstel 250 reviews 2017-03-13

The aim of this study was to determine buy ponstel the effect of Rosa damascena extract on primary dysmenorrhea among the students of Kowsar dormitory in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

ponstel buy 2016-03-02

Sodium salt formation of mefenamic acid (MA) was studied as a way to solve the formulation and dissolution problems of MA. For this purpose, sodium salt of mefenamic acid (Na-MA) was prepared by reacting MA powder with equimolar sodium hydroxide in an aqueous phase, and consequently, Na-MA solution was obtained. The resultant solution was lyophilized and Na-MA powder was collected. The salt formation was confirmed by the results of fourier transformation-infrared (FTIR) buy ponstel spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) studies on Na-MA powder in comparison to MA powder. Na-MA powder was assessed for direct compressibility, in comparison to MA powder, when formulated as a mixture with minimum amount of Avicel((R)) pH 101 and then compressed into tablets using a hydraulic tablet press. Na-MA tablets exhibited satisfactory hardness and friability, and did not show capping or lamination. On the other hand, some MA tablets showed capping or lamination upon compression and all the tested MA tablets for friability capped. Na-MA tablets were also studied for drug dissolution, in comparison to MA tablets, in water, a pH 7.4 phosphate buffer, and a pH 7.4 phosphate buffer after soaking in 0.1 m HCl. Under these different dissolution conditions, Na-MA tablets showed much higher dissolution rate and extent than MA tablets. The results of the study suggested that Na-MA can be considered as a solution form for the formulation and dissolution problems of MA.

ponstel user reviews 2017-10-27

No study using mefenamic acid was identified. One study compared ibuprofen to placebo but results were not reported unblinded to group. Eleven studies including 620 patients compared the effectiveness of ibuprofen to indomethacin for the closure of a PDA. There was no statistically significant heterogeneity of treatment effect for any of the outcomes. For the primary outcome (failure of ductal closure), there was no statistically significant difference between ibuprofen and indomethacin groups [typical RR 0.96 (95% CI 0.74, 1.25)]. There were no statistically significant differences in mortality, surgical duct ligation, duration of ventilator support, IVH, PVL, NEC, time to full enteral feeds, ROP, sepsis, duration of hospital stay or gastrointestinal bleed. For many of these outcomes the sample size was small and the estimates imprecise. The incidence of decreased urine output (< 1cc/kg/hr) was lower in the ibuprofen group as compared to the indomethacin group [NNT 9 (95% CI 5-14)]. This was the only statistically significant clinical finding favouring ibuprofen. CLD defined as oxygen requirement at 28 days post-natally was statistically significantly more likely to occur in the ibuprofen group [typical RR buy ponstel 1.37 (95% CI 1.01, 1.86); NNH 7 (95% CI 3 - 100)]. There was a similar trend for CLD at 36 weeks corrected gestational age.

ponstel generic 2015-12-02

The effects of lobenzarit disodium (CCA) on various species of activated oxygen were investigated in chemiluminescence experiments. CCA showed a quenching effect against hydroxyl radicals generated buy ponstel by Fenton reaction. The inhibition of CCA was much more intense than that of mefenamic acid which is an anti-inflammatory drug and an analogous compound to CCA. CCA also showed a quenching effect against singlet oxygen generated in enzymatic systems. However, CCA had no effect against superoxide anion radicals generated in the xanthine oxidase-hypoxanthine system. As a model of lipid peroxidation and protein alteration induced by activated oxygen, we examined the auto-oxidation of linolenic acid and the UV irradiation of immunoglobulin G (IgG). CCA inhibited the production of lipid peroxide; however CCA did not show a direct quenching action against lipid radicals which had been previously generated. CCA also inhibited the IgG alteration induced by UV irradiation. These results indicate that CCA has anti-oxidative actions with specificity for activated oxygen species and that CCA protects against lipid and protein damage induced by activated oxygen.

ponstel medication information 2015-08-12

The current data demonstrate that buy ponstel milk is a promising drug carrier.

ponstel capsules 2016-09-05

The aim of this work was to identify the uridine glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) isoforms involved in the metabolism of the broad buy ponstel -spectrum antiviral drug arbidol.

ponstel dose 2016-08-29

It is reported that noradrenaline-induced vasoconstriction initiates generation of prostaglandins of the E series by vasculas walls. These endogenous prostaglandins attenuate the vasoconstrictor effect of noradrenaline. Inhibitors of prostaglandin buy ponstel biosynthesis (indomethacin, mefenamic acid) abolish acute tolerance to noradrenaline infusions and counteract hypotension which is induced in cats by injection of endotoxin or by injection of rat blood.

ponstel medication dosage 2016-10-22

Orpanoxin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) lacking gastric ulcerogenic effects in the therapeutic dose range in rats, was compared with six reference NSAIDs for oral activity in the rat paw carrageenin-induced edema assay. Tested NSAIDs were ranked on the basis of oral mg/kg ED50 values: piroxicam, 0.55; orpanoxin, 35.6; diflunisal, 59.6; benoxaprofen, greater than 300; tolmetin sodium, greater than 300; and sulindac, greater than 300. Zomepirac sodium was inactive. Only the three most potent compounds produced greater than 60% inhibition of edema. Inhibition was generally greater at 4 h than at 6 h post carrageenin for all compounds. Oral activity of orpanoxin was also demonstrated in the guinea-pig u.v.-induced erythema model (ED50 = 24.2 mg/kg p.o. when given 1 h before irradiation) and in the mouse ear croton oil induced edema test (ED50 value = 131 mg/kg p.o.). Topical activity of orpanoxin was assessed in both the guinea-pig and mouse models. In the guinea-pig u.v.-induced erythema model, application (1 h after u.v.) of 1, 5, and 10% (w/v) orpanoxin creams (containing 10% urea) significantly inhibited erythema at 2, 3, and 4 h post-irradiation. Orpanoxin, mefenamic acid, and indomethacin as 1% creams inhibited total erythema scores 70, 92 and 74%, respectively. Evidence for topical activity in the mouse ear assay was also obtained for orpanoxin in diethyl ether or 10% urea cream, but not in dimethylsulfoxide. buy ponstel It was concluded that orpanoxin has anti-inflammatory activity comparable to reference NSAIDs in the rat paw edema test, is active orally in rat, mouse, and guinea-pig models, and shows topical activity in the guinea-pig and the mouse.

ponstel dosage dysmenorrhea 2017-07-17

Our search identified 604 potentially relevant studies. Of these, 14 studies (15 interventions) were RCTs and met our inclusion criteria. The numbers of participants were 352, 138 and 1745 for aspirin, steroid and NSAIDs groups, respectively. One selected study comprised two separate interventions. Interventions assessed in these studies were grouped into four categories: aspirin (three interventions), steroids (one intervention), traditional NSAIDs (six interventions), and selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors (five interventions). All studies were evaluated for internal validity using a risk of bias assessment tool. buy ponstel The risk of bias was low for five studies, high for seven studies, and unclear for two studies.There was no significant improvement in cognitive decline for aspirin, steroid, traditional NSAIDs and selective COX-2 inhibitors. Compared to controls, patients receiving aspirin experienced more bleeding while patients receiving steroid experienced more hyperglycaemia, abnormal lab results and face edema. Patients receiving NSAIDs experienced nausea, vomiting, elevated creatinine, elevated LFT and hypertension. A trend towards higher death rates was observed among patients treated with NSAIDS compared with placebo and this was somewhat higher for selective COX-2 inhibitors than for traditional NSAIDs.

ponstel suspension 2016-02-10

Ten nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), two blood lipid regulators (BLRs), and two antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) were analyzed in the Pearl River system in China (i.e., Liuxi, Zhujiang, and Shijing Rivers buy ponstel ) and four sewage effluents during the dry and wet seasons, and the environmental risks they posed were assessed. Eight pharmaceuticals were detected in the rivers and effluents, including five NSAIDs (salicylic acid, ibuprofen, diclofenac, mefenamic acid, and naproxen), two BLRs (clofibric acid and gemfibrozil), and one AED (carbamazepine). The median concentrations for the eight pharmaceuticals ranged from 11.2 to 102 ng/L. Seasonal variations were not obvious for most pharmaceuticals in the three rivers, except for salicylic acid and clofibric acid in the Zhujiang River, and diclofenac in the Zhujiang and Shijing Rivers. However, spatially considerable variations in the concentrations were observed for the eight pharmaceuticals in all three rivers. For most of the pharmaceuticals, the effluents from the four wastewater treatment plants and Shijing River water were found to be the major discharge sources for the Zhujiang River, but with additional discharge sources from some small urban streams in the wet season. Diclofenac in the Shijing River was the only pharmaceutical that had a risk quotient (RQ) >1, indicating a high risk to aquatic organisms in the river. Although higher RQs were calculated for the mixture of the pharmaceuticals in each river, the risk rating remained the same for the three rivers with the RQ being >1 only in Shijing River.

ponstel generic name 2015-09-17

We found that tranexamic acid was associated with an increased risk of VTE, although the risk estimate did not reach statistical significance. Increased risks of VTE associated with other treatments for menorrhagia were buy ponstel observed. The increased risk of VTE observed with a diagnosis of anaemia--a proxy for more severe menorrhagia--suggests that menorrhagia could be a prothrombotic condition. The observed association between VTE, tranexamic acid and other treatments for menorrhagia may thus partly be explained by confounding by indication. The possibility that menorrhagia is itself a risk factor for VTE merits further investigation.

ponstel s medicine 2015-05-06

The effect of flunixin meglumine on prostaglandin synthesis and metabolism was evaluated in the pig in vivo. It was found that the prostaglandin metabolite, 15-ketodihydro-PGF2 alpha, was decreased in the peripheral circulation within 20 min of injection of the drug. In therapeutic doses in the pig the drug had buy ponstel no effect on the metabolism of PGF2 alpha. Flunixin was compared with some other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in an in vitro test system utilizing sheep vesicular gland microsomes. It was concluded that this drug is a potent inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis.

ponstel generic cost 2015-09-26

Mefenamic acid (MA) is a widely used non-steroidal antiinflammatory (NSAID) drug. The adverse effects typical of NSAIDs are also present in the case of MA, partly due to its low water solubility. The aim of this study was to increase the water solubility of MA in order to influence its absorption and bioavailability. Solid dispersions of MA were prepared by the melting method using polyethylene glycol 6000 and different types (laurate, D-1216; palmitate, P-1670; stearate, S-1670) and amounts of sucrose esters as carriers. The X-ray diffraction results show that MA crystals were not present in the products. Dissolution tests carried out in artificial intestinal juice showed that the product containing 10 % D-1216 increased water solubility about 3 times. The buy ponstel apparent permeability coefficient of MA across human Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cell layers was high and, despite the difference in solubility, there was no further increase in drug penetration in the presence of the applied additives.

ponstel 250mg capsules 2015-01-11

49 women using either Lippes Loop D or copper T220C IUDs who were complaining of increased menstrual bleeding, were treated with mefenamic acid at a dosage of 500 mg 3 times/day for 5 days during their menstrual periods. Menstrual bleeding of each patient was quantified before initiation of the treatment and figures so obtained were used as pretreatment control values; during their 2nd cycle they received 1 placebo tablet 3 times/day for 5 days, the next 2 cycles utilized treatment with mefenamic acid, followed by a 5th cycle on placebo, and a 6th one without treatment. Of the 49 women admitted to the trial, 20 had pretreatment menstrual bleeding of more than 80 ml and 29 had less than 80 ml; groups 1 and 2, respectively. For group 1, a significant decrease in menstrual bleeding of 49.5% and buy ponstel 37.4% was observed during the 2 treatment cycles. Group 2, subjects with menstrual bleeding within the normal range, showed no decrease in menstrual bleeding.

ponstel 250 tablets 2015-05-08

In recent years measurable concentrations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been shown in the aquatic environment as a result of increasing human consumption. Effects of five frequently used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, diflunisal, ibuprofen, mefenamic acid and piroxicam in 0.1 mg ml(-1) concentration) in batch cultures of cyanobacteria (Synechococcus elongatus, Microcystis aeruginosa, Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii), and eukaryotic algae (Desmodesmus communis, Haematococcus pluvialis, Cryptomonas ovata) were studied. Furthermore, the effects of the same concentrations of NSAIDs were investigated in natural algal assemblages in microcosms. According to the changes of chlorophyll-a content, unicellular cyanobacteria seemed to be more tolerant to NSAIDs than eukaryotic algae in laboratory experiments. Growth of eukaryotic algae was reduced by all drugs, the cryptomonad C. ovata was the most sensitive to NSAIDs, Naprosyn Prescription Dosage while the flagellated green alga H. pluvialis was more sensitive than the non-motile green alga D. communis. NSAID treatments had weaker impact in the natural assemblages dominated by cyanobacteria than in the ones dominated by eukaryotic algae, confirming the results of laboratory experiments. Diversity and number of functional groups did not change notably in cyanobacteria dominated assemblages, while they decreased significantly in eukaryotic algae dominated ones compared to controls. The results highlight that cyanobacteria (especially unicellular ones) are less sensitive to the studied, mostly hardly degradable NSAIDs, which suggest that their accumulation in water bodies may contribute to the expansion of cyanobacterial mass productions in appropriate environmental circumstances by pushing back eukaryotic algae. Thus, these contaminants require special attention during wastewater treatment and monitoring of surface waters.

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Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels constitute a large family of cation permeable ion channels that serve crucial functions in sensory systems by transducing environmental changes into cellular voltage and calcium signals. Within the retina, two closely related members of the melastatin TRP family, TRPM1 and TRPM3, are highly expressed. TRPM1 has been shown to be required for the depolarizing response to light of ON-bipolar cells, but the role of TRPM3 in the retina is unknown. Immunohistochemical staining of mouse retina with Adalat 30mg Tablets an antibody directed against the C-terminus of TRPM3 labeled the inner plexiform layer (IPL) and a subset of cells in the ganglion cell layer. Within the IPL, TRPM3 immunofluorescence was markedly stronger in the OFF sublamina than in the ON sublamina. Electroretinogram recordings showed that the scotopic and photopic a- and b-waves of TRPM3(-/-) mice are normal indicating that TRPM3 does not play a major role in visual processing in the outer retina. TRPM3 activity was measured by calcium imaging and patch-clamp recording of immunopurified retinal ganglion cells. Application of the TRPM3 agonist, pregnenolone sulfate (PS), stimulated increases in intracellular calcium in ~40% of cells from wild type and TRPM1(‑/‑) mice, and the PS-stimulated increases in calcium were blocked by co-application of mefenamic acid, a TRPM3 antagonist. No PS-stimulated changes in fluorescence were observed in ganglion cells from TRPM3(-/-) mice. Similarly, PS-stimulated currents that could be blocked by mefenamic acid were recorded from wild type retinal ganglion cells but were absent in ganglion cells from TRPM3-/- mice.

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Randomised Strattera 50 Mg controlled trial.

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The bioequivalence of three different formulations Deltasone Tabs of mefenamic acid was tested using the index zeta 2 previously defined by Rescigno. This index is a measure of the distance in Hilbert space of two concentration vs time functions; unlike the approach of Westlake which assumes a multiplicative model for the AUC and Cmax characteristics, this approach does not imply any hypotheses on the structure of the data and no particular model of the absorption or of the elimination processes. The index zeta 2 is simply an indication of how similar two formulations are. Results for this new test were compared with those obtained with two other tests, namely 90 and 95% symmetrical confidence intervals of Westlake and two one-sided t-tests of Shuirmann through the 90% confidence intervals in the ranges 80-125% for AUC and 70-143% for Cmax. Results of the new test are fully comparable with those obtained using the other two tests.

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The effect of suspending agents on the physical stability and in vitro availability of mefenamic acid, flufenamic acid, glafenine, ibuprofen and azapropazone suspensions was studied. The ulcerogenic effect of these formulated suspensions on the stomach of rats was also investigated. The results revealed that 2% veegum and 2% sorbitol gave the best formulated suspension for glafenine as compared to other formulations. On the other hand, 2% veegum, 2% sobitol and 1% avicel was found to improve the physical stability of mefenamic acid and flufenamic acid suspensions. Also, the combination of 1% veegum, 1% sorbitol and 1% algin produced excellent suspension for ibuprofen and azapropazone as compared to other combinations. The results of in vitro Singulair Medication Coupons release data proved an optimal availability of the above mentioned formulations. In addition, significant reduction in the gastric erosions in stomach of rats was observed in all mentioned suspensions except glafenine suspension.

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Drug-induced secondary angle closure is quite common and in the majority of cases simply stopping Dutasteride Avodart Generic the medication leads to rapid reversal of the condition and resolution of glaucoma. We describe here a patient who presented with secondary angle closure glaucoma and myopia following mefenamic acid ingestion which was managed successfully by stopping the medication, symptomatic treatment and reassurance.